A Year In Pictures: My 365-project

For the last year and a half I have been working in a production
company in Trondheim. While I very much enjoy working with exciting
clients and creating content as a part of a team, I felt I was not
creating as much content for my personal portfolio as I would like.
Pushing your creativity is crucial for growth in any artistic
profession, so I wanted to start a 365-project in my speartime. It´s now
been a year, and I have with out a doubt never been photographing more
than I did in 2016. Whether I took images with my compact, DSLR or my
phone, I worked hard to take concious images every day. These photos are
images I took outside of assignments, mostly on travels, so the
subjects, technique and style varies as I wanted to be free from
thematic limitations. 

A selection of images from the project are presented here
in random order.

- Mikkel

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