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More Work with FJUZ!

FJUZ is a longtime partner with norweagin premium retailer, MENY, and I had the pleasure of doing photography and video in one of their flagship stores, MENY Lietorvet in Skien, Norway this fall. The place is filled with great produce, food and people, so it was easy to capture the essence of the place in just a couple short visits. Take a look at some of the images below.

- Mikkel


After the summer I have worked with FJUZ on several occasions. They were looking for someone who could help their customers reach new heights with video. One of our first jobs together was these two portraits for one for Norways biggest chain of interior decoration stores; Home&Cottage.

Check out Birgitte and Lene talk about their jobs and Home&Cottage´s assortment:

VIND Jewelry

A couple years ago my talented sister started VIND with two of her friends. They make clean nordic jewelry in silver, with unisex designs. I have been involved with them since the start, providing photography for use in social media and promotion. I really think they are onto something, and wanted to share some of my favorite images from recents shoots with them. Drop by to see my images in use!

- Mikkel

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