Summer Air!

I´m back after summer! 

We are currently settling in here in Oslo, and I am stoked to be a student again. I am also going to work freelance part-time.

This summer was really great. The weather and water was warm, and the sun was shining almost constantly. This made for some fantastic experiences and wonderful summer days. Check out some of my photography from this summer here:


- Mikkel


We won Hairdresser of The Year!

Last night I got the message; Elisabeth Rendall won Norways Hairdresser of The year award! I did photos for both Monica Berge and Elisabeth from Coma AS here in Trondheim, which both got nominated, so I was really excited to see the outcome of the awards. Elsiabeth won both the regional and the “grand-prix” title! This was the second year working with Elisabeth and Monica from Coma, and the second year in a row we got nominated. The competition is though, and both the photographers and hairdressers are (of course) among the best in Norway, so this is an incredible honor! Thanks to Monica and Elisabeth for trusting me with the task, and congratulations with the win!

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