American Muscle

My most recent photoshoot in Project:Drive was with a 1966 Ford
Mustang Fastback. I don´t know much about american cars, but the mustang
is legendary, so I could not resist photographing it for the project.

I met the owner down by the old submarine bunkers here in Trondheim,
DORA. The weather was varied, with both rain and sunshine. Worked out
great for the photos, so I think we got some real good ones.

Gone fishing

This sunday I was out fishing with Henrik and Daniel. We drove 40 minutes from Trondheim, into the forest near Hegra. The area was beautiful, with lakes and lush green fields all around. The weather, as the landscape was varied to say the least. But it´s always like that in Trøndelag. We were out for about 4-5 hours, and got one fish. Which came in the first 30 minutes. I guess it´s supposed to be like that? Anyway, I had a great time, and brought my camera. Take a look at some of the shots below :)

- Mikkel

A Year In Pictures: My 365-project

For the last year and a half I have been working in a production
company in Trondheim. While I very much enjoy working with exciting
clients and creating content as a part of a team, I felt I was not
creating as much content for my personal portfolio as I would like.
Pushing your creativity is crucial for growth in any artistic
profession, so I wanted to start a 365-project in my speartime. It´s now
been a year, and I have with out a doubt never been photographing more
than I did in 2016. Whether I took images with my compact, DSLR or my
phone, I worked hard to take concious images every day. These photos are
images I took outside of assignments, mostly on travels, so the
subjects, technique and style varies as I wanted to be free from
thematic limitations. 

A selection of images from the project are presented here
in random order.

- Mikkel

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